Thursday, January 25, 2001

Holy moly, the concert is tomorrow. TOMORROW! Oh man oh man oh man...

I wish I didn't have to go to that damn Physics lab. Grr, it's annoying how if you miss ONE class, you could fall behind big time...Oh well, at least that's my only class tomorrow. I couldn't do any homework tonight 'cuz I just couldn't concentrate. Too excited! I know that I shouldn't get over-excited, 'cuz the concert is gonna be over so quickly, and I heard that when it's over, it makes you feel sad 'cuz you wish that it could go on forever.

My mom's getting all worried about letting me go to the concert because: 1) It's at night; 2) I'm going with people she doesn't know; 3) It's a rock concert, pretty much; 4) She thinks I'm gonna freeze while waiting outside for 5 hours (I probably will, but anyway, lol); 5) I'm a girl (she thinks someone's gonna kidnap me or something, but she never worries about that whenever my brother goes to concerts). She absolutely refuses to let me ride the bus and metro home that night. I guess I can understand that, but I really don't think I'm going to get ambushed by a street gang or anything. Hmm, yeah, I guess riding the subway alone at night isn't safe. But anyway, she kept on telling me tonight that she didn't want me to get a ride in someone else's car, unless it's a taxi. I know she's just worried 'cuz she cares about me, but I'm a little annoyed with the fact that if I were a guy, she wouldn't be freaking out like this. Besides, I may only have an orange belt in karate, but I nevertheless still know where to hit someone where it'll really hurt ; ) .

Good news! Tomorrow's high is gonna be -3 or -1 degrees Celcius. Pretty warm for a winter day. The weather dudes also said that there's gonna be some sunshine. Thank goodness we won't be waiting in a snowstorm.

Hmm, I just read over what I typed, and I don't sound excited at all. Meh, I'm feelin' kinda sleepy now, 'cuz it's been a long day. Oh yeah, I found out that my French teacher's mother died recently, and she (the teacher) found out today through a phone call, so that's why we didn't have French today. I feel so bad for her =( . Apparently, she and her mother were really close, and the mother was in rather good health, so the death came really suddenly and as a surprise. Man, so many people are dying...

I've been looking forward to the mft concert for so long, and now it's just around the corner! Eep! I hope I have a blast! Hell ya!

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Blech, today was pretty crappy, in that I was sneezing like crazy in class. I think my school is badly ventilated or something, because I had to blow my nose like 9375692 times. I'm pretty sure it's not a cold, because I'm fine right now. Oh yeah, I have an allergy to dust (according to the allergy test done on me, where 1 is "not allergic" and 4 is "extremely allergic", I rate a 4 with dust), so that's why I sneeze so much in stuffy places. I friggin' couldn't concentrate in Physics because of my stupid runny nose. Grrr... Oh well, at least I don't have a cold. I REALLY don't want to have a cold on the day of the concert (3 days away, aaaahhhhhh!!!!!).

You know what? I haven't seen Kit once this semester, even though his locker is really close to mine. That means that we don't have breaks at the same time, plus he's not in any of my classes. Poop. Hey, you know how some people say that if you like a guy, you should just be yourself and go up to him and talk to him? Maaannnn, I'm such a wuss. He was in my phys. ed. class last semester, and I talked to him maybe twice. Stupid shyness! I wonder if Siberia told Luke that I like Kit. lol, after all, Kit is Luke's best friend. Hmm, what were the odds that I'd have a crush on my best friend's boyfriend's best friend. I just wish that Siberia and Luke had invited me too those times when the two of them and Kit went to see a movie. I could've tried to talk to Kit, and maybe we'd hit it off...or am I just dreaming? Gee, how would Kit react if I told him that I like him? LMFAO, I wonder what would happen if I just went in for the kill??? lol, like just walk up to him, grab him, and kiss him! HAHAHAHA, he'd think I'm some sort of a psycho! Well anyway, that's not my style, so I won't be doing that. But it would be funny to see how he'd react.

Ha ha ha...

Monday, January 22, 2001

Hey hey! I'm gonna keep this kinda short 'cuz I've got a lot of calculus homework to catch up on (dammit, dammit, dammit!). Concert this Friday, can't wait! Hell ya! Oh, and if you guys are reading this, hey Paloma! Hey Michelle! Hey to anyone else from the MMB who happened to click on the little link in my siggy! Waaassssssuuuuppppp??? (I've still never actually seen that Budweiser commercial yet, lol. It's from Budweiser, right? lol)

Hey, looks like my best friend didn't forget me after all (well, excluding the concert thing, hehe). We actually had time to chat on the phone last Saturday, and it turns out that she's a little bothered by some things that her boyfriend told her. Apparently, according to the boyfriend (who I've nicknamed Luke), although they wouldn't say this out loud (or they may not even realize that they think this way), men in general view women as objects. Some of the only exceptions are if they found their true love or if they're in their 40's and their hormones have died down. Also, Luke admitted that he was often tempted to act like his older brother: date other girls without the girlfriend knowing. Ooooookay, can we all say A-S-S-H-O-L-E!!! He said that he wouldn't do that because he cares for Siberia's feelings, but if he wasn't in love with her, he would probably be cheating on her. Luke says that many guys are like that. I really don't know what to think about that. If a girl said that, I would assume that maybe she had a bad breakup and was angry. But here is a guy saying how dishonest many guys are when it comes to dating.

Oh, you know what shocked me? When we were in grades 9 and 10, Luke, Siberia's ex, and a bunch of their friends had this little system where they would sell porno magazines to other guys. EWWWW!!!!! You know what I refuse to believe??? (but apparently it's true, *sobs*) Kit (my crush, although that's not his real name. Hey, I don't want anyone from my school finding out who he is, lol!) bought some magazines, too. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! That can't be true! He's such an innocent and sweet guy! That's not true! That's impossible!!! Seriously, of all guys, Kit was the last guy I thought would have a dirty mind. Oh well, Siberia told me that Kit was the one who bought the least number of mags, so it's somewhat comforting. *sigh* But wait, maybe he's not like that anymore! Yeah, that's it, it's just a thing that happens once, but that's it! That's gotta be it!

Okay, I'd better be off now. Annyeung! Bye bye! Au revoir!