Saturday, January 06, 2001

Hey hey, today has been very unproductive! Hmm, what did I do...I woke up at 11, ate some rice cakes for breakfast (I'm not much of a breakfast person. I dunno why, I just hate breakfast. I find cereal, eggs, oatmeal and all those other breakfast foods to be pretty nasty stuff), I watched some TV, then I went on the Net, then I ate lunch, then I went back on the Net, then I read a book, then I recorded Sailor Moon for Yourie, then... oh hell, it just kind of went on like that!

BUT, me and Siberia are gonna go bowling sometime next week! Hopefully. I couldn't believe she was okay with it! She hates sports with a passion! Well, here's what happened. She's the type who likes playing board games, while I just can't stand them at times, and she has this obsession with playing Monopoly (especially with my Star Wars Monopoly board). She phoned me yesterday asking if I was up for another match of Monopoly (*shudders*), and well of course I couldn't, since it was Yourie's birthday, so I suggested that we go bowling later in the week. She actually doesn't mind! Holy shit, I mean, she doesn't even like riding a bike, and she's willing to go bowling, and I didn't even have to beg her or anything!'s like something out of the Twilight Zone, lol!

HAHAHA, I had this dream a few nights ago, where I won this contest where I got to hang out with the Moffatts on their entire Canadian tour, like ride in their tour bus and attend every concert and eat dinner with them, lol. It was like the best dream I ever had, and then silly Yourie had to wake me up! She was like, "Hey, it's 10:30, wake up!" I got really annoyed and I said, "Dammit, why'd you have to wake me up? I had a dream that I got to go on tour with the Moffatts! Aww, you ruined it!" She was laughing, little squeak, lmao.

Hey, you know what dreams I really hate? The ones where you're trying to run away from something, but your feet feel heavy so you're running in slow motion. Man, I hate those. I'm always freaked out in those dreams 'cuz while I'm dreaming them, I don't know it's a dream. lol, I've had sooooo many freaky dreams where someone's trying to kill me. I had two dreams where the headless horseman was chasing me through the woods. I also had a dream where I was having a shootout with the SWAT team, because they thought I was a drug dealer, and then I sent out a Pokemon (WEIRD combination, eh? Pokemon and the SWAT team) to fight the gunmen, but it got killed, ROFL. There were other dreams where I was being attacked by: Jesse and James (the villains from Pokemon. Yourie used to watch that show, so I know some of the characters' names), various hideous monsters, my classmates, a street gang, and I don't remember what else, but there were quite a few. You know, they say you have dreams because your subconcious self is trying to tell you something. I wonder what my subconcious self is trying to tell me. Maybe that I worry too much? lmao

Hoo damn, it's only 10:21 PM and I'm already tired! Hmm, I probably shouldn't have gone to bed at 3 AM last night...Ugh, alright, I'd better go to bed now, 'cuz the earlier I go to bed, THE MORE SLEEP I CAN GET!!! hehe, sleep, precious precious sleep...nothing beats that! Okay, shut up now, lol.
Man, there's been nothing but fighting on the MMB, and I'm getting so f*cking sick of it. I can understand why Paloma decided to sort of leave.

There's like this witch hunt going on, except instead of searching out witches or communists, it's...teeny boppers!!! Man, that word's been used so many times, it's lost all meaning. "This girl's a teeny!" "That girl's a teeny!" "You're a teeny!" "Hell, you're all teenies!" It's become so damn stupid. Just mention the guys' looks once, and somebody's guaranteed to call you a teeny bopper. Hell, if you say something like, "I couldn't help but notice that Scott's hair looked unusually messy today", there's a 90% chance someone'll respond to that by saying, "Stop judging them by their looks, you teeny bopper! It's all about the music, so grow up!" Sheesh!!!

There's also all this fighting going on about the Hotel Girls. Some people say that they're really bitchy and loud and obnoxious and rude to other fans, while other people say that they're incredibly nice and are really wonderful girls. It's totally confusing me, 'cuz if they're really nice, why are they treating other fans like crap; if they're mean, then why are there people defending them? I don't know who the hell to believe anymore, so my solution is: if I see a topic that's related to them, I'm not even going to bother reading it, 'cuz I know what I'm going to find. Fighting.

I'm pretty much getting sick of voicing my opinion in the MMB. There's usually someone who misinterprets what I say and accuses me of this and that. There's always someone who can't stand the f*cking idea that there are different opinions for different people. I know that not everyone'll agree with whatever I have to say, but it pisses me off when someone acts as if I'm wrong to think a certain way.

Grrr, okay, I'm just a wee bit TICKED OFF right now, so...whatever.

Friday, January 05, 2001

Hey hey! Like I said I would, HI MICHELLE!!! Only THREE weeks until the Moffatts concert, eh? Oh man, I am so f*cking excited (excuse the language, hehe). Thanx a bundle for lettin' me hang out with you and your buddies; I owe you one! LMAO, hey, if I get really hyper, maybe I'll have the guts to yell out "I LOVE YOU SCOTT", lol! Oh hell, I'll probably yell out "I LOVE YOU" to all four of them!

Guess what ppl. It's my baby sister's b-day! Yup, she's 13 now. LOL, I sent her an e-card, but the joke was that it was a Halloween card, hehe (I always do that. Once, I sent her a "Get Well" card even though she was in perfect health). We're all going out for dinner to some Korean restaurant, and then we're going over to our grandparents' place to have the cake and all.

HAHAHAHA, you won't believe how much she hates Aaron Carter. I used to tease her a lot about that, saying stuff like, "You like Aaron Carter, just admit it," and then she'd yell out, "NO! I HATE HIM! STOP SAYING THAT!" When I found out that he was 12 (she was also 12 at the time), I was like, "Hey, Aaron's twelve years old. Huh? Huh?" then I'd nudge her. HAHAHAHA, that annoyed her so bad. Hey, it's not like she doesn't annoy me back! There was this time when she was singing "Miss You Like Crazy", except that she switched the words "Miss You" with "Saurah loves Scott" (Saurah's my Korean name. That's what my family calls me. To everyone else, I'm Muriel). So she was singing "Saurah loves Scott like craaaazy!" and then I said "No I don't" and then she sang "Saurah's lying like craaaazy!"

Anyway, there was this time when my 20 year-old brother was downstairs watching Musiqueplus, and he was watching that Aaron Carter video "Aaron's Party", and when I told my sister (Yourie) about that, she stormed downstairs, stood in front of him and pointed at him accusingly, saying "You were watching Aaron Carter!!!" And he was like, "What? No what're you talking about?" LOL, she told me that Aaron Carter is her "mortal enemy".

Okay, Yourie's been harassing me for the past half hour to outside with her. Oh well, it's her birthday, after all, so might as well, right? Oh crap, I still didn't wrap her present! Stupid, stupid Muriel! I'll do it in the car, hehe.

I'll be back later.

Tuesday, January 02, 2001

Wow, it's the third millenium now! Cool. I'm gonna have to break that habit of mine of saying "welcome to the twentieth century". It's the twenty-first century now.

lol, I'm listening to the song "Dancing Queens" by the A Teens. My brother hates that song, which is one reason why I like it. He said he's rather hear the Moffatts, lmfao.

You know what? I wish I didn't look so dumb. I've seen pics of lots of people at the MMB, and they're all so pretty, and they're making me feel ugly. I don't look my age, either! There were these two occasions where people thought I was 14, and I was like, "No, I'm 17!" 14?! I can understand why the first person would make that mistake (she was this lady in her 60's, so I guess to her, anyone who isn't over 18 looks 14, lol). But there was this girl in my karate class who was 16 (I think) who thought I was 14. I wonder how she made that mistake. I also asked my mom if I looked my age, and she said, "No, not really." I think it's also because I'm so short (5'1). It's so embarassing when my soon-to-be-13-years-old sister has a party, and almost half of her friends are as tall as me. Some are taller. *shudders*

Meh, I have a stupid haircut, too. Stupid hair is always flat, flat, flat. I wish it would have more volume. lol, at least I have a better style than Siberia!!! LMAO!!! Let's not even get into that! Hey, her boyfriend got this haircut that I thought was pretty crappy, but of course I didn't have the heart to tell him that, not to mention Siberia would probably try to stab me with those razor-sharp scissors of hers if I said that.

Okie-doke, I might as well post my New Year's resolutions:
- try to be a little less stressed out about school
- be more positive in a bad situation
- not be so moody
- not take Siberia's derogatory comments so seriously (I've really got to work on that!)
- be less shy
- stop calling my brother a jack-ass (hmm, on second thought, nah)

Hmm. I wonder how many of them I'll actually be able to keep.